Flappy Bird Cheat Pro - Hack Tool

Welcome to flappybirdcheatspro.com! At our site you will find the ultimate Flappy Bird Cheat Pro tool which is used to add any desired Score to your account! Sounds pretty cool, eh?
Amaze your friends and colleagues who you are competing with with your enormous high score which you can modify to whatever number you like! Yes you heard it right!

One more feature which our Flappy Bird Hack does is to slow the flying speed of the bird, so it will be much more easy to avoid the pipes with this option!

Flappy Bird Cheat Hack Pro

Like you can see this tool has some really precious features for someone who plays this game. Now let's just shortly describe what Flappy Bird is actually about.
In this game you are playing (flying) with bird and like it's name says "Flappy", a motto of the game is to flap your wings to fly. You are doing it with rapidly pressing a mouse button, or tapping on screen if you're playing on smartphone such as iOS or Android system for which this cheat tool is supported for. While you fly, it's important to avoid pipes and fly between them. And each pipe you successfully avoid is one new score point collected. And logically the main purpose of the game is to gain higher score on higher level.

How to use it?

After you downloaded the tool you have two options.

  • If you are playing on Windows or Mac just run the Cheat tool and set a Score and Lives for your account.
  • If you are playing it on iOS or Android then connect your smartphone with USB device and add the files to your device from your opened program in a desktop.

The process is pretty easy and simple and anyone can do it! All you have to do is to download it and run it according the above guide.

Everyday more and more Flappy Bird players are searching for working cheats and hacks to avoid the frustration which is caused by multiple hitting in pipes, which really can be frustrating! So don't miss another day! Download Flappy Bird Cheat Pro and impress your friends with your high score!